Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week of May 1st

Spent a good amount of time in the NH seacoast water ways this week.  Solid week of breathing. Going to have to try the recommendations of one Wim Hoffers on the Wim Hof Facebook page regarding 10 breathing/hold cycles. Most I have done is 4.  

Sunday did 15 minutes in what felt like 43 degree water although NH Seacoast web site listed at 46 degrees.  Pictures of swim here:
May 1 at 6:11pm
May 1 at 6:19pm
May 1 at 6:11pm
Did breath holds before going in water of 1.20, 1.40, 1.50 and 2 minutes.

Monday did an 8 minute shower with breath holds of 40 sec, 1 min, 1 min, and 1 min in shower. Shower temp at 48 degrees.

Tuesday did 8 minutes in ocean harbor at 46 degree water temp.  Did breathing before hand with breath holds of 1.20, 1.40, 1.50 and 1.50.

Wednesday - 20 minutes in Hampton Harbor @ 46 degrees.

Thursday - 30 min mediation - 1.35, 1.45, 1.55, 2.05 holds ( no forcing).  Did a 6 mile run follow by hot tub. After hot tub, blood pressure was 117 over 78.  Did a 10 min cold shower with breath holds of 40, 45, 1 and 1 minutes.  Shower temp was 55. After shower, blood pressure was 140 over 91.This does raise blood pressure. Talk about doctor visit where blood pressure 150 over 95 and heart rate 90. also, felt warmth in shower like others. only happens when 55 or above. 55 almost too warm.

Friday - 20 minutes with real life swimming in hampton harbor.  46 degree water. My 13 year old son actually swam across the 1/4 mile channel. The rest of us did a considerable amount of swimming.  I could really notice the swimming lowering my body temp. and putting a bit of stress on heart/body.

Saturday - 17 minutes in Hampton Harbor in late afternoon.  46 degree water.   My 13 year old son did 18 minutes!

Air temp between 42 and 50 most days.

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