Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wim Hof Method : Program Summary

The program was great; live changing in so many ways. It requires an extreme determination and commitment that many people would find uncomfortable. As Wim indicates, putting yourself beyond your normal comfortable zone brings much reward - health, happiness, and strength.   I have stopped drinking, run marathons, competed in bicycle races, tried vegan for 100 + days, and done a number of 21+ day clean eating programs.  However, this program requires a special level of commitment in order to get into 43 degree 10 minute showers, or 39 degree ocean water or ice baths.  Especially when it is 24 degrees outside and snowing.  The relaxed mind and body required to do the breathing exercises was another special challenge.

There were many noticeable changes in the mental, spiritual, physical, and physiology.  This blog post contains my summary of the Wim Hof method based upon my readings and listening to podcasts, and watching Wim Hof videos:
Here is quick summary of beyond fear by Wim Hof as I interpret it:

My focus at work is allowing me to get more done in a shorter period of time. I feel a calm sense of urgency.  I am able to prioritize the plethora of ideas in my mind and get them done quickly without worrying about what needs to be done next.

I can see how the Wim Hof method can be used to treat addiction.   In a way, you replace one addiction for another.  I have an addictive personality and the 'edge', adrenaline rush, and intensity you get from the cold water can be similar to the rush of drinking or extreme sports.

I have been meditating for 20+ years but my chakras' have never opened to this extent.  My root and crown charkas have never been this open.  My son told me I had never been so relaxed on a weekend ski trip we took during a one week vacation with my boys.  Getting into cold water definitely causes the monkey mind to calm...there is no other choice.

I received many comments from people that my eyes were vibrant, skin clear and tight, and I generally looked much younger. I also noticed gray hair had all but gone away and my hair color became lighter.  I did not lose weight but looked to have much less body fat and my pants were a size looser on me.  I also got a tan!  This was a distinct tan. I was told it was because of getting red when going in the very cold water for a long time.

My appetite was much more surpassed and did not have as many urges to eat.  However, daily bowel movement almost doubled.  I could tell that my body chemistry was changed significantly. I sensed an extreme change in my mood, energy, and attitude based upon changes in my body's physiology.

Lessons Learned
I could have never completed this program without a hot tub. The first few times in 10 minute showers and ocean swims required long (30+) sessions in the hot tub. Even after taking more then 20 ten minute+ showers my back is still way more sensitive to the cold water then my front or sides. I also find that when run and do breathing holding after my runs it is much more difficult to do the breath holds.  I can walk into 39 degree water without hesitation and don't feel the cold water.  This is much different then not wanting to go into 60 degree water during the summer months before I completed the program.  I also found it amazing how it is possible to run with just shorts and running shoes in sub 20 degree weather.

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