Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wim Hof Method : Week 10

Here is the tenth week data, and my comments.

Summary:  For the 10th and final week, I was intending to go in the 39 degree ocean and take a cold shower ever day (or cold run everyday).  A business trip to Prague cut my run of days in the ocean to 5 (ending up doing 8 straight days when I got back from Prague). I did between 6 and 10 minutes in the ocean every day, and 5 minutes in 44 to 48 degree shower most days. I also did an hour run (7 miles) in 27 degree weather with last mile running in ocean.   I was very cold and took a long time to warm up on the first day after 10 minutes in ocean.  After the 4th day in the ocean, I noticed that shaking was not as bad and really was drawn to go into the water.

'Looking in rear view mirror' (after having completed program and seeing patterns) :  The breath holds really felt good this week, and finally getting into a peaceful state during the holds.  I really felt like the 10th week was more the beginning then the ending. Pushing myself to go in the ocean daily ,as well as cold showers in the morning, was a great way to gain momentum for continuing strong with cold immersion after the 10 week program. Look out for my blog posts that summarizes all the benefits I received from completing the program, and blog posts on post one month activities and benefits.

This was incredible life changing programming. It took my 20+ mediation practice to new frontiers, and granted me focus, clarity, creativity, restful sleep, and energy I have never had in my life.

Breath holds:
DayRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4

Push ups:

15 minute cold shower at 44 degrees. 10 minutes in ocean at 101 bridge felt very cold and not very good at all.  Core temperature was very low.  
2 5 minute cold shower in AM at 48 degrees. 6 mins today in ocean with water temp @ 39 and outside air @ 23 with wind chill. Video here: February 26.  
35 minute cold shower in AM at 45 degrees. 6 minutes in ocean at 39 degrees, video is here: February 27
4February 28 video is here.   Another 6 minute swim today. Air temps in high 40s and water temp around 39 degrees. Four straight days in the ocean between 6 to 10 minutes at 39 degrees. 
534 degrees but feels like 27 degrees. 1 hour run with only shoes and shorts, and did last mile in ocean with barefoot. Video of 8 minute ocean swim here:  February 29.  Mid 50s in air so went 8 mins in 39 degree water. 
6Prague. 30 minute meditation followed by 53 degree shower for 13 minutes. Did breath holds of  40 sec, 1 min, 1 min, and 1 min in shower.  
7Prague. 5 minute 54 degree shower in morning. 10 minute shower at nigh with breath holds of 50 secs, 1 min, 1 min, and 1 min.  Did a 1 hour run in 34 degree weather as well. 

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