Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday, April 3

After two long sessions -13 minutes and 15 minutes 30 seconds - that last two days, thought I would 'chill' (no pun intended) today. Instead, Tony and Chris wanted to go. The weather conditions were windy (18 mph winds) and cold: 31 degrees with 18 degrees with wind chill.  I did a 30 minute meditation, and a breathing session with the following holds right before I went to the jump in spot:
1. 1.20
2. 1.40
3. 2.00
4. 2.00

Felt good with a lot of tingling in body. I felt very oxygenated and relaxed on breath holds.

We ended up going 5 minutes today, water temp still at 39, as everyone was still cold from the last two days.  Nice one.

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