Saturday, April 2, 2016

Wim Hof Method : Week 5

Here is the fifth week of data, and my comments.

Summary:  Huge discover on breathing!  I collapse my stomach on inhale instead of expanding my stomach. Think this was do to lifting weights were you tense up (not the right way to do it) when lifting a heavy weight. I stopped shivering in cold showers; unlike the week before were there was considerable shivering.  Still working on the right breathing. Tried quicker breathing with less exhale which seemed to work. First time in ocean for 10 minutes. Measured water temp between 45 and 47 degrees. Started to video and track the swims in ocean. First video here:

'Looking in rear view mirror' (after having completed program and seeing patterns) :  Challenging to get back on track with breathing and showers after the 10 days off.  Push ups the first few days had headaches and tingling.  Saw lights during meditation.  I am still working on my breathing. I thought breathing was natural...ha. Apparently, we build up strange habits like collapsing stomach on inhale. I was in the ocean during a very cold day at this point.

Breath holds:
DayRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4

Push ups:
130 (40 yesterday, headache after)
235  (felt like puking, light headed after, tingling in face)
340 (headache after)
440 (headache after)

1Saw lights while meditating - bright pin point lights. Shower was cold at 52 degrees for 10 minutes. Also did 10 minutes in morning in ocean at 47 degrees. So, that could have explained being cold in shower.
250 degree 10 minute shower felt good.  No shaking, went on back for 2 minutes when could not yesterday.  Felt warmth in belly.  Also  did 10 minutes again in ocean. Measured water temp at 45 degrees.
310 minute shower felt good but not as good as yesterday.  Breathing OK, and push very good.
4Wow, big revelation.  I tend to suck in my stomach when I am inhaling!! No wonder I am not getting more air.  Also, did quicker breaths with less out breath. Shower cold (10 minutes) but had also done 3.30 minutes in ocean at water temp of around 45 degrees and air temp at 25 (feels like 15!!)
5Faster breathing helps with less of exhale.  Shower cold from 2-4 minutes with 10 minute total. No shivering in the shower.  Did 5 minutes in ocean (Seabrook harbor) today with Dave.
6Longer inhale and less exhale.  10 minute cold shower, and felt like warm water was hitting my hitting. Light headed on 3rd and 4th breath holds.
710 minute cold shower with no shivering.  Breath holds OK.

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  1. So what is new in week 5? Nice progressing !