Saturday, April 9, 2016

Wim Hof Method : Week 9

Here is the ninth week of data, and my comments.

Summary:  I noticed that when I did a day off of breathing I did not feel good in or after going in ocean the next day.  During one 5 mile run, when it was 31 degrees with wind chill, I was sweating a lot when I got home.  Breath holds felt comfortable this week. Not extremely long but very calming.  This week I also started to add going under the water at end of ocean 'swim'.  This felt like it was going to be much colder then it was, but really felt great.

I did not feel extreme warm in body like others have reported with brown fat activation. I still felt cold coming out of showers and ocean 'swims'.  I still needed 20 to 30 minute hot tubs after spending 6 to 10 minutes in 39 degree ocean water.   My body is able to tolerate the cold but not sure if that has more to do with breathing, mental focus, and mental 'toughness'.

'Looking in rear view mirror' (after having completed program and seeing patterns) :  For the first time, did not get tingling / pain in hands and feet in the water and after coming out of ocean water when in 39 degree water.   This was when spending 8 minutes in the ocean.

Had gone under the water before but now really started to go under for 10 to 20 seconds. Must say their was a bit of 'brain freeze' when first started doing this but now does not effect me; except when wind temp is under 30 degrees.

My body is adapting to the cold.   The more I run, shower, and just go into the cold ocean the more my body is focused, determined, and can tolerate the cold.

Is there a correlation between running in cold and breath holds not as good?  The longer I run or the colder it is I seem to get a 'hang over' effect where my lungs are 'burnt out' from the run and breath holds are more difficult, not as peaceful, and feel forced.  Not sure what is going on here.

Breath holds:
DayRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4

Push ups:

15 mile run in 38 degrees with a wind chill put temp at 31. I was actually sweating during this run as felt so warm.  10 minute cold shower with 30 sec, 1 min, 1 min, and 1 min holds. Brown fat activation in show as well.
25 mile run in 34 degrees with a wind chill put temp at 24 degrees. 10 min horse stance in show @ 36 degrees.  8 minute shower with 30 sec, 1 min, and 1 min breath holds and brown fat activation. 6 minutes in ocean @ Hampton Harbor with 26 degree wind chill in 38 degree water.  Went under for 20 seconds.
3Did a 'day off'. Did 10 minutes in ocean with water temp at 41 degrees.  For day three, I started off the day with a 6 minute cold shower at 45 degrees with brown fat activation. 
4This was four elapsed days but only gave myself 'credit' for one as was in Las Vegas and did 10 minute showers at 63 degrees. Then in Seattle did two days, for 10 minutes, at 55 degrees.
55 mile run (40 mins) @ 34 degrees with windchill 23 degrees. Did 6 minutes in 39 degree ocean water. Breath holds good and seemed easy to do 1.30 holds. 6 minutes in ocean at 39 degree water with 31 degree air.
68 minute swim today in new spot. It is the little area right off 101 bridge in Hampton, NH. A bit of a current but not to bad. Think about 30 degree air temp and 40 degree water temp. Really, really short video: February 23. Breath hold hard today with 7 mile run in 32 degree weather.
78 minutes in ocean in 39 degree water @ Hampton North Beach. Left feeling very good.  Hot tub recovery, do every time, did not ever hurt, and hardly any tingling in hands and feet in an out of water. 

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