Sunday, May 8, 2016

Wim Hof Method : One month post 10 week program

I already posted a 10 week summary so will only share things I noticed post one month. Focus a bit more on the negative as I know some folks like to hear this side as opposed to the positives.

The negative:
1. I did have some chest pains after having gone in the water 8+ days and running in sub 20 degree weather.  It was a bit concerned but just went with it and pulled back on too much in one day.  The amazing thing is that I did not get these chest pains before, during or after being in the water.  I friend that is doing a lot of cold water immersion (and has not done the Wim Hof program) was experiencing the same thing.  The interesting thing is the heart aching subsided (still comes and goes) after below 20 degree air and below 39 degree water baseball game (we were doing a video for my friends business).
2. I felt light headed and the noise of the cold shower went in an out a few times during longer 10 minute + cold showers with multiple 1 minute + breath holds. It was a calming sensation but a bit concerned if I actually passed out.  
3. Good but ... it hurts. Sometimes when getting in hot tub, especially when very cold in water and going over 8 minutes, the pain of hands and feet is unbearable. A couple of times I had to 

The positive:
1. My son Slade told me on a weekend that we went skiing that it was the best we ever got along and I did not lose my patience.  He said there was not a time were I was relaxed with him on vacation....ever.  Nice to hear but sad for the times I did lose my patience. 
2. I go to bed at night smiling.  Feeling a sense of happiness, contentment, and accomplishment.
3. More energy but more calm. I call it a patient, urgency.  

New revelations:
I finally felt the warm body sensations in the shower when doing the breath holds!  I noticed this only happens when shower water temp is 55 or above.  Water temp before March was 50 or below in New Hampshire.  

Here are some of days videos and pictures:
March 1 : March 2 
March 2
March 3
March 4. Post swim: March 4 
March 5 Post swim: March 5 March 5
March 11
March 13
March 17 March 17 March 17 March 17
March 18
March 19 March 16
March 21
March 24
March 26 March 26
March 29
March 29
March 31

Cold immersion is a journey and not a destination, so let's just breath and jump in.

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