Friday, March 25, 2016

Wim Hof Podcast : Beyond Fear

Great Podcast. 

Wim learned early on that you can calm the 'beehive' in your head. The cold stopped this ‘bee hive’ (or what is also know as the ‘monkey mind’). Wim noticed that breathing become more controlled and deeper when in cold water.

Wim has a mission and a message. Wim’s mission is to take away suffering (anxiety), and make people happy, healthy and strong. Wim method is something anyone can do.

Wim Hof’s method combines mental, spiritual, physical, and physiology practices:
1. mental : focus, determination achieved through stressing yourself, and connecting with yourself
2. spiritual : meditation
3. physical : cold and breathing
4. physiology : cold and breathing
Method is breathing, cold exposure, and believing in yourself.

By shutting off the mind (monkey mind) and going into deep part of mind, you become a witness. Fear holds people back from getting to their potential. Fear is not being tapped into because you need to go deeper into physiology and mind in order to over come fear. The cold, meditation, and breathing allows you to go deep into the physiology and mind.

Methods are not complex. The method is accessible: breathing, gradual cold exposure, most is psychological (have to connect with yourself and your mind). Our mind (placebo effect) works like medicine. People have made this complicated. A couple of techniques. A little bit of cold (stress on the body...yes). Able to change mood, influence immune system, and get rid of disease. This comes from breathing, cold and believing in yourself.

People think happiness is comfort. Comfort weakens your body (immune system) and mind; comfort weakens your physiology. You need discomfort to deal with danger. Stress is danger, grief is danger, disease is danger, many dangers in daily life we can not deal with because of excessive comfortable. Real comfort is control, and happiness, strength, and health.

Shut off the mind and go into a deep part of the brain when stressing yourself. Releases endorphins, adrenaline, dopamine, and other chemicals which removes thinking and to be present in the moment. Placebo effect works.

Science is changing. Autonomic nervous system can be controlled. You bring up the PH level when you do the breathing which controls the autonomic nervous system. Science is too complex. Wim is changing science through what he is doing and learning in nature.

5K run this week in low twenties weather. 


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