Saturday, March 19, 2016

Wim Hof Method : Week One

Think I will see how posting a week goes with one entry. Some weeks have more notes so may make sense to have one post per day.

Summary: The breath holds got easier and more comfortable by the end of the week even though I had my best hold on the first day. The shower this week was only 30 seconds but I upped this amount by the second day as 30 seconds was very, very easy. Day 6 did two 1 minute dips in Atlantic Ocean (about 50 degree water) just to see what it would feel like.

'Looking in rear view mirror' (after having completed program and seeing patterns) : First round of breath holding still not all that good or comfortable even after 10 weeks. Holding breath in cold and water is very difficult. Lastly, I forgot about full submersion in Atlantic Ocean water on week one. In some ways, be immersed in cold water easier then a cold shower (when shower is below 50 degrees).

Breath holds:
Day Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
1 1.02 1.27 1.43
2 .25 .47 1.01
3 .52 1.07 1.26
4 .50 1.02 1.07
5 1.02 1.10 1.40
6 1.15 1.20 1.33
7 1.12 1.23 1.34

Day Notes
1 Felt like choking the first two rounds. Te last time felt comfortable after some initial choking impulses. Then felt like could go a long time. 30 second shower was easy.
2 Felt like I was suffocating on all breath holds. The timings above reflect that feeling. Did not feel like I could hold my breath at all.  Shower felt fine. Did for over 4 minutes and did not feel cold until 3.30 minutes. 
3 Shower at home much colder then where I took shower the first two days. Still did about 50 seconds. Breath exercise much better then day 2. Last one felt at peace, calm, and in meditative state. Crown chakra was wide open.
4 1.28 in very cold shower. Felt breathing went pretty good. Felt relaxed when breathing. Felt very comfortable during first 40 seconds of breath hold
5 1.55 in shower (very cold water but did not measure temp yet). Head and side felt good with cold water.  On first breath hold saw lights on bottom of eyes. Felt relaxed.
6 Let's see how week two goes but when breathing outside (40s to 50s for temp) stuck in the mid minutes range for max hold.  Did two 1 minute sessions in atlantic ocean in NH seacoast (Hampton, NH). Temp of water is 50 or below this time of year.
7 First round of breathing feels more like a warm up round, and does not feel comfortable. Did outside on the roof so cold impacts the breath hold.

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  1. Very Cool.. keep it going man and awesomely inspiring.