Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday, March 21st

Great day in the Seacoast to NH to do some cold immersion with snow flying and on the ground from last night.   No cold water but did a run today in solid snow storm at 29 degrees with wind chill around 21.  Interesting run today:
1. Car turned around to snap photos
2. Two guys swimming (they were actually swimming) on north beach. They go ever weekend. Potential new 'members' .... Good

Breath holds as follows:
1. 1.15
2. 1.46
3. 1.47
4. 1.55

Did 10 minutes horse stance in snow before the run, and finished with a snow angel. Had epiphany at 5 minutes doing horse stance to two questions I get about doing what I do:  
1. Why cold - Because the cold focuses you.   At 5 minutes the 'monkey mind' (what Wim calls 'bee hive' mind) calmed and I was totally presented.  This was because of the cold.
2. Why that long - If you just go from 1 or 2 minutes or even 3 minutes you don't get to that state of peace and calm. It takes that long to get into to a state of focus and presence. 

Pictures after run:

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