Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday, March 19th

Three of us sent today; Christine, Bob and myself.   It was a sunny 33 degrees with a wind chill of about 28.  The water felt colder then 39 degrees today as it was high tide at the 101 bridge spot in Hampton. We are starting to take more vital signs to see the impact on blood pressure and heart rate. Here were the read outs for me:
1. At home before leaving : BP - 145/82, HR - 54
2. At spot outside before going in : BP - 152/109,  HR - 80 (Your body seems to be anticipating the cold water)
3. Right after swim : BP - 168/116, HR - 89 (Not much different then when going into water)
4. After hot tub : BP - 123/91, HR - 82 (Hot tub seems to get the HR going)

Bob and Christine did a bit over 4 and I did 6 give the last two days of 10 minutes and the cold water today felt like taking it easy.

I also did a 45 minute bare chested (no gloves or hat) run in 34 degree (feels like 29) weather along the ocean.

Here is proof (Christine getting ready for swim) that we actually went out today: 

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