Sunday, March 13, 2016

Day 0 - December 2016

I started the Wim Hof Method in December 2015 and completed it last week (March 13th, 2016).  Took me a bit longer then 10 weeks has had a few days missed because of work and a couple of week Christmas vacation in warm weather with my boys.  

This is the first blog posts. I will chronicle my journey on a week by week, or perhaps day by day as have a lot of notes,  basis with details as I found that there were not a lot of details on what you experience and details on challenges to expect. 

I set my goals as follows:
1. Hold breath for five minutes - This as very ambitious but I read about folks doing this.  What I was actually able to achieve was 2.30 in week 4. 
2. In ocean at <40 for 10 minutes - I actually did this a few times and first did it on week 8.  Definitely, a lot of shivering and long time to get core temp back up.
3. Run with no shirt at 32 degrees for 7 miles - This was actually the easiest goal and did some 5 mile runs in the teens. 

My baseline was:
1. 1 minute 5 second breath hold
2. 21 push ups. I actually do very complete (touch my chest almost to floor and all the way up) push ups.

I do have cold feet sometimes, hate going in the 60 degree water during the summer, get distracted by web browsing at work, and sometime take melatonin to get to sleep.

I have meditated for close to 20 years, very active, and eat well. So I do understand mental focus, and what it takes to commit to something.

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