Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday March 13 : Seacoast Wimmers

Going in reverse order here and posting today's video.  We had a group of about 12 people. Christine, Bob, Dave and I enjoyed the water, and some of the kids joined in.  It was Christine's inaugural swim and she was in for a good 4 minutes I believe.  An awesome first day and great to have our first female NH Seacoast Wimmer! As you can hear in the video, Bob did some expert coaching.  Dave of course pushed it to 10 minutes after not being in for a couple of weeks.  'Cabbage Bob' stayed in for a good 5 minutes but after not eating much for some days now did not want to push it.  It was a in the high 50's but the water still around 39 degrees.  I clocked out at a little over 11 minutes. We all felt the power, and are making America great again one swim at a time; thinking globally and acting locally. 

The video:

Not sure why it did not go full screen. I uploaded from phone so could be the issue.

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