Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wim Hof Method : Week 4

Here is the forth week of data, and my comments.

Summary:  After day 5 I took a 10 day vacation with my boys to the Galapagos Island. Needless to say not a lot of cold water there so took a break for 10 days.  Continued baths and practiced keeping my hands in for a longer time. My hands hurt so bad last week when I put them in the cold water.  I was taking mostly 10 minute showers by this time as the water temp was in the mid fifties in NH at this time. I continued to do more running in low to mid 40s weather with no shirt on and no hat or gloves; only had on running shoes.

'Looking in rear view mirror' (after having completed program and seeing patterns) :  I did not realize I continued cold baths in week 4. I also did not realize I was taking 10 minute showers and/or multiple showers a day. I felt once it got this warm it was not providing same effect, so went with cold bath which is easy to do as you have access to an ice machine.  The 2.30 breath hold was one of my longest of the 10 weeks.  I did get a lot of chakra openings and tingling in body which I now remember but had forgotten about. I also remember shivering a lot in the 10 minute cold showers and the ice baths.  Week 4 is suppose to be two 1 minute intervals of cold showers with warm water in between and one 10 minute shower. I decided to go for as many 10 minute showers as I could.

Breath holds:
DayRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4

Push ups:
340 (felt like puking)
439 (tingling in head)
540 (tingling in face)
635 (first day back after 10 days off)
740 (felt like puking, light headed)

1Felt like I rushed too much on first breath hold.  More relaxed and open chest on others. Felt  tingling in body after push ups.   10 minute bath in 40-42 degree with hands in for the last 7 minutes.
2Think the key on the breathing is to relax mind and body but hyperventilate. When breathing today it felt like my mind was not focused. Did 10 minutes in the ocean with water temp at 49 degrees.
3Ran in 43 degrees with no shirt. Did 10 minutes in cold shower. A lot of tingling and open chakras during the breath holds. Root and crown chakras very open.
412 minute 54 degree shower in morning. More rhythmic breathing. Push ups were good but still doesn't feel right with breathing.
53 minute cold shower in morning, and 10 minute cold shower in evening at 58 degrees. Tingling in body on 3 and 4 round of breathing. 
66 minute shower in morning. 6 mile run at 42 degrees with no shirt.
7After 10 days of vacation with boys, breathing and breath holds not bad.  After 40 push ups, felt like puking, passing out, and tingling in face.  10 minute shower at 53 degrees. Stretching was best ever. Actually touched knee with forehead on front bend on both sides.

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