Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wednesday, March 30th

No ocean today but a 10 minute cold shower at 48 degrees. Only did one breath hold at about 9 minutes for 50 seconds. Today was a bit cold.  As always, the coldest part of my body is my back. I see many people report that it is their front/chest. However, I could do the front for a long time. Back is the coldest and then the sides.  I had another calm and peaceful extended breath holds:
1. 1.10
2. 1.50
3. 2.00
4. 2.10

I once again did a 33 minute meditation before the breathing and show.  I find the last 5 minutes of my meditation (estimated time) that my throat and heart chakras really open up and feel warmth in these chakras.  This time these chakras were very open on the breath holds. 

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