Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday, March 23rd

Actually took yesterday off as in NYC of work, and need to thaw out from the many days in ocean and running in cold.  This morning did 11 minute cold shower at 47 degrees with the following breath holds:
1. 50 seconds
2. 1 minute
3. 1 minute
4. 1 minute - Did feel a bit light headed after this hold.

My crown chakra was wide open during the breathing and breath holds.

After having not taken a cold shower (doing mostly 39 degree ocean swims from 5 - 10 minutes), it was different being in the shower.  I still remember the first 10 minute shower where I was shivering pretty bad the last five minutes, and took hours to warm up. Now shivered after shower and was warm within an hour.  

Did 5K run at 39 degrees feels 32 with only shoes and shorts but did last mile with shoes off running in 39 degree water.

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