Sunday, March 20, 2016

Wim Hof Method : Week Two

Here is the second week of data, and my comments.  I wish I would have started measuring the shower temp at this time but did not until week 4.

Summary: As I did with the first week, I extended the shower times as much as I could. Wim had you do three cold rounds at 30 seconds. I did most of mine over a minute for each round.   By the end of the week, I was doing breath holds in the low 2 minutes; I noticed that very, very deep in breaths helped with breath holds. I have seen others that have breath holds in the mid and high 2 minutes, but I never did have this.  I pretty much stayed in low 2 minutes, and still there even 4 weeks after completing program.  I went from 20 push ups during as my base and went up to 34. I thought this was great. I know others have done 50 or more push ups but never got there. I do complete up and down push ups so I bit different then what I see in Wim videos.

The visions I mention of skiing with two friends were like movies happening with my eyes closed.

'Looking in rear view mirror' (after having completed program and seeing patterns) : Crown and root chakras really opened up early.  I have mediated for 20 years and have never experienced the opening of the crown and root chakras like this.  Have had opening in the other chakras similar to this but this is very intense.  Openings happen during the breath hold. I didn't realize I started running in the cold this early on. I actually started in mid-30's weather with a t-shirt on.  Interesting I did this as I can now run in sub 30's with no t-shirt on but felt very hesitant to even go in mid or upper 30's with t-shirt on in the beginning.

Breath holds:
DayRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4
51.251.10 1.241.20

Push ups:

1Shower times where 45 seconds, 1 minute and 45 seconds.  Went deeper on the inhale this week and seemed to help. Felt light headed, warm lungs, dizzy and blackness when eyes shut on breath hold. Felt weak, tired after push ups. 
2Many different tingling and other feelings in mouth during breathing. Tingling and numbness in body during breath holds.  Did 40 secs, 1 min, and last one 40 secs. in cold shower. First 40 was by far the hardest.  Run for 33 minutes in 34 degrees with only T-shirt (no hat or gloves).
3Shower times were 50 secs, 55 secs, and 53 seconds.  Ran in cold in under 40 degrees and did last mile with no shirt.  Did about a 3 mile run; tested running bare chested the last mile.  Still feel like not doing something right with breathing.  Too much in? Too much out?
4First time had strong tingling in all of body during breath hold.  Crown and root chakras really opened up during breath hold. Had 'scary' clear visions of skiing with Jen Waterson and Carey Sperry; two friends. Felt very confident and power in body. Nose was running during breath holds.  Shower times of 1 min, 1.20 mins, and 1.10 mins. 
5Tingling and warmth during round two of breathing.  Ringing in ears after round 4 of breath holding.  Did 1 min, 1.30 and .30 in shower. 7 mile run with shirt off for last 3 miles; temp outside was 38 degrees.
6Did breathing with mouth and throat open.  Crown chakra open and tingling on first round of breathing. Tingling and light head during all rounds. Shower was 1 min, 1.15 mins, and 1.05 mins with not much warm water in between.  
71.20 mins all the times.  Felt very flexible during stretching.  During breath holds my lungs felt very full.

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